Discounted Screen Printing Supplies Online

Catspit Productions has taken a completely new direction with the website and sponsorship program. Instead of having one full time sponsor which locks us into that vendors pricing and available supplies, we are now sponsor free. This means that I am able to work with anyone I want and negotiate deals for supplies and equipment on my own. That allows me to focus on the needs and demands of my particular internet audience.

This is great news! It gives me more power to offer my website visitors the best of what each vendor has to offer. At the same time it gives the website visitor more choices as to who they want to do business with and even promotes competition between the vendors in the Print Supplies section of the Catspit website.

Now you can visit the Print Supplies page and get a 5% discount on most all orders when you enter the special Catspit code. Please be sure to read each vendor’s listing thoroughly. The particular codes for each vendor are there with an explanation of what the code will do for you. In most cases it gets you a 5% discount. In some cases it may get you a bigger discount or other special deals. Make sure to enter the appropriate Catspit code when you checkout with your screenprinting supplies order. If you do not, you will not receive any discount at all. The links are not click through links and they will not record your discount.

Over time, I hope to add more vendors bringing a wider variety of products as well as a greater range of pricing to the Catspit Productions Print Supplies page. It is my intent to help you source the equipment and supplies you need without the pressure and hassle of a high stress salesman. Furthermore, I hope to feature the appropriate products and educational materials that best suit the needs of all website visitors. As a screen printer myself, I am better able to guide people through the learning process than a salesman who has never printed. This process includes the purchasing of the equipment and supplies you will need to screenprint.

Remember, I am here to help, not just to sell product. If I can help out by sourcing products for you while you learn to print, then we both benefit. Even if you never buy anything with a Catspit code, this information is valuable as educational material and will help you learn about the costs of the screen printing process. I hope you find the addition of the discounted screen printing supplies to be a valuable asset in your home, hobby and professional screenprinting endeavors. Good luck to you all!

Thanks again for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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