Ranar Screen Printing Equipment

As many of you may know the screen printing press that appears in the YouTube videos is made by RANAR. I have been sourcing equipment on my own since about a month or two. It seemed logical to offer RANAR screenprinting equipment for sale through Catspit Productions. Since I was already using a RANAR press and other equipment, it was a natural move to finally list their products on the website.

You may ask, why did that take so long? The answer is complicated and just know that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes here other than screen printing tee shirts. The longevity and future of Catspit Productions is always under question as I push the business in a totally new direction for a screen printer. It’s not that we are floundering, not at all. Just overwhelmed with opportunity and always trying to make the right decisions. And taking it slow.

Now that I have picked up RANAR and can sell their products, I have learned a lot about their presses. One thing I didn’t know about the press I have is that it is upgradeable to a 6 station. That is awesome! I never knew that and never thought to ask about it. And they have a very cool and affordable line of entry level bench presses or table top presses. These are priced to sell which makes getting into screenprinting at home easy and affordable to most anyone. In fact RANAR equipment pricing is very good and accessible to many personal income levels.

They even have a table top fluorescent exposure unit that sells for $395! This is a very cool 4 bulb unit that comes with a padded screen weight. Once again I have picked out the equipment I feel best suites the visitors to the website but I can offer the full line of RANAR equipment. Seriously, I have to apologize for not doing this sooner. Make sure to stop by the RANAR equipment page and explore their wide array or presses for all levels of manual screen printing.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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