New Screen Printing Articles Added To Website!

In the past week I hurt my back and I was unable to do much of anything. Believe it or not, this includes sitting at the computer to tend to internet tasks and even editing the last video. Fortunately, I tend to make video footage before I edit and post the video meaning that I often have a few videos already shot but not produced. I was able to get through that last week and as I started to feel better and take more pain medication, I was able to sit at my computer and write 5 new articles for the Catspit website. That’s right, 5 new articles.

The first two I have already announced in a prior blog post. The second 3 consist of 2 major articles and an addition to the Transfer Articles section. The new article in that section is called, “Modern Digital Heat Transfers: Tips On Best Performance”. This article was an overdue addition responding to questions on how to improve and correctly use heat transfer materials.

The next article is called, “Thin Mesh”: Higher Mesh Counts & Lower Thread Diameters”. This discusses new monofilament mesh technology and the advantages of using some of the newest mesh counts available today. Here you will learn how the thread diameter of your screen printing mesh will affect the performance of your screens.

The last article is called, “The Benefits & Challenges Of Water Based Inks”. This article talks about some of the differences in water based screen printing compared to plastisol. I cover some of the benefits and address the most common challenges in working with water based inks.

I hope you find all of these new additions to the website to be informative, practical, and useful. I always try to write from the standpoint of the reader not being a professional screen printer. I hope this facilitates your understanding of the process without being too simple. Thanks of all of your support!

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