New Screen Printing Articles Added To The Website!

Two new articles have been added to the Catspit Productions website and a third is on the way! That’s correct, two brand new articles about screen printing went live this past week. The first article is a long overdue introduction to vinyl heat transfers. This article is located at the bottom of the Transfer Articles page on the website. In it, I briefly introduce and explain the vinyl heat transfer process using a computer and a plotter. This is for the benefit of those who are trying to understand the benefits and limitations of heat transfers in custom apparel printing. The article is called, “Vinyl Heat Transfers Using A Plotter”.

The second article that has been posted to the website this week is about starting your own screen printing business. This article discusses the common pitfalls that are encountered when in the beginning stages of starting a custom print shop. The article is intended to make you think of very important and critical factors that go into setting up a screen printing shop. Unlike other screen printing educators and suppliers, my goal is to teach you as much as you need to know about the business before you start purchasing equipment and supplies. This way you can really know if screen printing tee shirts is the right business endeavor for you. This article is called, “Starting Your Own Screen Printing Business: Common Pitfalls”.

The third article to be posted is about “thin mesh”. This article will clear up any confusion or misunderstanding about why I say a 110/80 mesh is the same difference as a 135/48 in ink flow. Technically it is not but for the laymen it is good enough to say they will have similar coverage abilities but the 135 will have more detail with just as good or better ink flow. Sometimes I try to just simplify technical issues so that anyone can get the idea. Check out this article later this weekend and see what I am talking about specifically. The article will post later today. I will announce the article posting over the weekend.

Thanks for reading and happy printing!

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