New Screen Printing Video Uploaded To YouTube!

New video uploaded to YouTube! This video is about the website and what you can expect to find there. I answer some questions that I have been asked recently more than once for all to enjoy and benefit from. Please take a moment to watch this video and learn more about Catspit Productions online.

The video is called, “How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Website Q & A”. In this video I am using a new camera to film. Earlier this week when I was trying to make this video and another, my regular camera overheated and produced very poor video quality. That combined with battery problems and lens debris, made me move on to another, newer camera I have had for some time but never used for videos.

Therefore, I am still adjusting to the way the new camera reads light, shadows and color. It will take a few videos to iron out the bugs in my video recording process. Please be patient, I promise not to let you down and I hope to increase the production quality of my videos in the very near future.

Thanks again for reading!

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