Full Blown YouTube Partnership!

Some of you may have noticed that we went from having 4 videos with YouTube revenue sharing to becoming an outright YouTube Partner. Yes, this is true. I have partnered the Catspit YouTube channel and it is now generating a small amount of revenue through the Google ads. But money is not the reason why I approved this partnership.

The main reason for joining YouTube in a partnership is exposure. As a partner my videos enjoy a higher search ranking than others with similar content or titles. YouTube may also feature a few of my videos sometime and as it is known, YouTube tends to favor partners in general. So, the whole partnership is about growing the channel. The final reason for the partnership is the very cool branding options they give partners. Now the Catspit YouTube channel looks great and has direct links to the Catspit website. And I’ll be honest too, the small amount of money the Google ads generate will pay for the online services I use to run the website and blog. That’s great news because before, this whole project was a charity case and cost me money out of my pocket. Now my bookkeeper and accountant are happy to see the internet project break even and possibly generate a positive income.

Granted the YouTube profits will be very small; I’m no Ray William Johnson! And the topic of screen printing is not popular enough for me to become a “full time YouTuber”. Besides, I make my money printing tee shirts and I don’t think YouTube’s partnership will ever compare to that income. So have no fear, I will continue making great screen printing videos for everyone to learn from for free.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support and if you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel yet, please do so today!

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