New Screen Printing Video Uploaded To YouTube: Fluorescent Pink On Black

A new video about screen printing has been uploaded to YouTube. This video is an actual production run. It features a fluorescent ink printed on black women’s thermals and black cotton hoodies. You also will se a metallic silver glitter being printed on these garments. With this print run, I set it up on 110 mesh because the fluorescent pink was a high opacity ink. But in the end it looked much better with a hit, flash, hit. But the metallic silver really covers well on most any color so that printed just as intended.

The video is called, “How To Screen Print: Fluorescent Pink On Black Thermals & Hoodies”. Make sure to stop by YouTube and check it out today.

Sometimes when you actually get to press, you will find that things either don’t work out exactly as you intended or that a print just looks better done a specific way. It is up to you to choose which way to print and remember to always consider the happiness of your customer. Ultimately, a happy customer is worth so much more than a quick sale.

Thanks for reading!

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