Art Contest: Win Screen Printed Shirts & More

This contest is being run by Catspit Productions, LLC. Please visit the website for more information about our services and our mission. Your visit to the website is appreciated.

This contest is only open for a limited time: June 1st, 2010 through June 30st 2010. This contest is open to international entries.*

Catspit Productions, LLC. Summer 2010 Contest Rules, Regulations & Guidelines For Entries

The theme:

Pick a decade like the 90’s or whatever suits your fancy. Then design a 1 color black line art design that represents that decade. Try to exemplify the entire decade you choose by creating a line drawing. The design should be done in black on a white background. No gradients or shading. That’s the challenge, make the absolute best line art you can for 1 color printing that would represent the decade of your choice. Any decade from any time frame is acceptable.

All entries must be received between June 1st, 2010 and June 30st 2010. The contest winners will be announced in July, 2010. You will be notified by email. You may enter as many different designs as you wish. Please do not enter the same art more than once, this will not improve your chances as the artwork itself is being judged.


1st – 12 white Fruit Of The Loom tee shirts with the winning art printed in black on the front.

2nd – 1 pair of Speedball hinge clamps for screen printing.

3rd – 2 Catspit Secret Society Logo tee shirts, your sizes.


Entries must be in JPEG format ready to put on screen. Only 1 color, black line art will be accepted. You may format your art for 8.5 by 11 inch film positives. Formats larger than this will be reduced and formats smaller may be enlarged for printing.

Try to be as creative as you can. Clip art is accepted but you must modify it enough to be original and unique. It doesn’t have to be a work of art but create a great tee shirt design.

Art that is simply clip art with text will certainly not win so give it your best shot.

The judging is being done by Daniella Catton of The UK Catspit Fan Club. All entries must be sent to this email address:

Entries must include:

Full name, shipping address(No PO boxes please), contact phone number, JPEG file of your art work. Please include the decade you are representing in the body of your email. You may include any other information about the design that you wish.

Judging and entries are being handled by Daniella and this contest would not be possible without her help. Thanks to Daniella and family for processing the contest.


Entering this contest has no dollar value nor does it guarantee you any prize. 3 winners will be picked by hand from all entries based on artwork content and originality. Only 3 prizes will be awarded and the prizes may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of Catspit Productions, LLC. By entering this contest you agree to all terms and waive all complaints and/or grievances arising from this contest and furthermore cannot hold the contest host or processor liable for absolutely anything at all in any way, shape or form. Winning art will be displayed in a YouTube video as printed shirts or positives and the creator waives all copyright ownership for this purpose. You will also give permission for your first name to be used in the aforementioned video.

*Prizes shipped to international addresses become the responsibility of the winning contestant who provides the shipping address. If the prize is subject to any taxes or duties the winner also assumes responsibility for those charges or any other charges incurred at customs. Catspit Productions is not responsible for damage to prizes during shipping and cannot replace damaged prizes. Lost prizes will be investigated to the satisfaction of Catspit Productions and a replacement prize may or may not be provided.

All entries must be sent to this email address:

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