Do You Yudu? Well… Do You?

Don’t worry; you won’t get in trouble or anything. I just wanted to let you know where you can get some great information related to your Yudu machine. There is a cool screen printing blog run by Michelle Licudine that really focuses on the Yudu process. It is a screen printing blog so you will find other great information there as well.

The blog site is called You can Screen Print. This is a great website for anyone who is just starting out to print at home in the garage or people using the Yudu in the kitchen. Either way you should find some helpful information to get you going at home with screen printing.

Michelle was kind enough to network with us here at Catspit Productions and I was happy to do an interview article for the blog site. You will find the You Can Screen Print link in our link exchange as well.

Makes sure to check it out and get all of the inside info on the Yudu!

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1 Response to Do You Yudu? Well… Do You?

  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks Jonathan! I appreciate a professional taking time to give some info to us newbies. Keep up your great educational videos.Michelle

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