New Video Uploaded To YouTube: Inkjet Transfers Vs. Screen Printing

Another brand new video about inkjet transfers and screen printing has been uploaded to YouTube this morning. This video compares a few samples of Avery inkjet heat transfers to direct, plastisol screen printing. Here you get to see what an inkjet transferred shirt looks like after it has been laundered as compared to screen printed garment. The video is called, “How To Screen Print: Inkjet Heat Transfers Vs. Screen Printing”.

I often am asked about which process to use when starting a shirt business. I think people have the misconception that heat transfers are the same or similar to direct screen printing. That is not the case and direct screen printing using plastisol inks will always give the best colors, coverage, durability and flexibility needed to produce a long lasting high quality commercial product on light or dark garments.

That is not to say that you can’t make some money selling novelty items using the transfers processes. There are definitely commercial grade heat transfers printed by computer that will give great results on a variety of items. But for tee shirts; transfers tend to be best for point of sale, where the customer will settle for a lesser product in return for immediate customization or in very low quantity print runs with complicated graphics.

This video should help you understand the differences in quality, longevity and overall print results. As always, thanks for watching Catspit Productions videos on YouTube.

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