Pricing Print Jobs For The 1st Time

Pricing is very competitive, especially right now and the internet is even worse. Your pricing will really depend on what type of work you are doing, the volume involved and the region you are in. Screen printers in New York get more per piece than I do in Arizona for example.

You can make a few phone calls to some screen print shops in your area and just price out the job you have. See how much they want and how they charge for their work. You can model your price based on all of your research and what type of customer you have. Make sure to remain anonymous when doing this. Don’t let them know you are a competing screen printer.

In general, businesses are likely to spend more money than individuals but that is not always the case. You just never know so you have to feel out the customer as well. Some people are looking for bargains. You have to learn to understand that or anticipate it in a way that will allow you to guide the customer into a print job that will be great for them and at the same time be profitable for you.

Basically, figuring out your pricing range will take some research and experience. You will definitely lose some jobs along the way to more experienced printers. You will also lose some jobs simply due to your inability to print them either technically or economically. Some print jobs will require equipment you do not have or involve a lot of work that makes it impossible for you to print at the going rate.

Start slow, start small. And always remember not to take on any jobs you aren’t sure you can print well. Screen printing is very much a word of mouth business. The last thing you want to do is take a job and botch it up. That customer will tell everyone they know about what happened. This can be very detrimental.

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