Attracting Business: Locally Or Internet

Building a website entirely by yourself for free can be fun and time consuming. And directing traffic there can be frustrating. There is a lot to learn about how to get Google to recognize you and show you in search results. Obviously, YouTube is a great place to get traffic to a website but you need to provide videos that people will want to watch. They have to get something out of it, learn something or be informed in some way that is valuable to them. “How to” videos are good at this.

I would suggest using a visual website designer and not be so concerned with learning HTML unless you are naturally talented with computers and speak the language. Then maybe you may want to get into HTML, but for a website to get any traffic, you must understand Google. Remember Google owns YouTube and EBay owns PayPal. Understanding the dynamics of the major website companies that help drive internet commerce is a must. And since you may end up using some of their services, it helps to know what is going on.

Attracting business locally for your screen printing business is a bit different. Social networking and word of mouth is the best way to get business in your town. Many times it is about who you know more than your prices. A physical presence that is visible like a retail storefront would also help but that is a very big step to take. However, without visibility or some kind of marketing it will also be difficult to expand your business. When working from home on a very small scale, your social networking abilities will be the best and most economical marketing strategy. Join business clubs and associations and attend meetings. Use your connections at work or school to network. The more people you meet, especially business owners, the more opportunity you will have.

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