Heat Presses: Size And Quality Vs. Screen Printing

The size of your heat press is only relevant to the size of the designs that you want to do. If you don’t want to be limited by size, then a larger heat press would be the right choice and it will be able to do a variety of items. A larger unit may be a better investment so as your business grows the heat press will be able to handle the jobs you do.

It is often better to spend a little more now and get a machine that you can grow with. Otherwise you may find yourself reconsidering your decision in a year or two….or maybe next month when someone asks you to do something you can’t with the equipment you bought. So it really depends on your goals.

I use a Cannon IP4300 set at the highest quality photo settings. I recommend flipping the image yourself in your graphic software and then choose the best photo setting like “Photo Paper Premium Quality”.

You can Google screen printing versus heat transfers and see about articles comparing the two if you would like to know what the differences are. But I will tell straight off; if you are looking for high quality, vibrant colors, durability and an easy way to produce quantity, then screenprinting is the way to go.

Heat transfers are better suited for one offs or very small orders that do not make economical sense to screen print.


Thanks for reading!

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