Buying A Table Top Screen Printing Press

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can do professional grade work on a $250, (or less), table top 1 color, 1 station press. Well, you may be able to produce some very good 1 color shirts but that is about all you will be able to do. It will take great creativity and ingenuity to compete with a better equipped printer. Getting into screen printing for profit is not cheap. There is an initial investment that will give you the capability to compete in quality and quantity. If you want to print shirts for your own store or brand, this may not be such a factor. But what kind of printing you want to do will be more important for you when considering purchasing screen printing equipment.

Take a look at the Equipment Sales page on the Catspit website to get an idea of what an initial investment in decent equipment would be. Then take a look at the Print At Home page in the Tips & Advice section and check out the free plans to build a 4 color press as well as the links for print at home instructions and supplies.

Make sure you read the articles in the Tips & Advice section too. Those are great introductory articles that talk about getting into screen printing.

Then you have to decide what your actual goals are. Once you figure that out, you will be able to decide how to proceed. You end goals should be the deciding factor in buying equipment. In order to print high quantities with ease, you will need good equipment and the space to work.

Thanks for reading!

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