Learn To Screen Print: I’ll Teach You How To Compete With Me!

You must have read the title of this blog and said what? Is this guy serious? No, of course I am not serious but many people might see my printing shirts as a negative or competing action against those I teach. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The screen printed garment industry is very dynamic and in most areas there seems to always be some kind of print work to do. It is true that it can be very cut throat and you will need to be competitive in your pricing. But screen printing seems to be one of those industries that almost anyone can succeed at.

If you apply good business skills with high quality print work at a great price, then almost anyone can find a place for themselves in this industry. Most small, local screen printers rely very much on word of mouth and networking to get print jobs. If you are well connected in your community with businesses, schools and organizations you have a great advantage.

If you know everyone in town and went to high school with them, you could also have a nice opportunity. Social networking and word of mouth are very important marketing tools for small screen printers.

A lot of the time getting print jobs is more about being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people. I don’t know any screen printer who aggressively pursues marketing campaigns against other local printers. Most will boast about their work and their prices. Many will do advertisements to get their names out there. But it’s not like an all out war against one another.

Like most honest screen printers, I do not practice cut throat pricing at any time. I enjoy providing my customers with a great product at a good price but I have to make a profit at the same time. That is business. It’s called earning a living and no one should be ashamed of trying to do the best they can.

I’d much rather work with screen printers in my area and ensure that everyone makes a profit. And having colleagues in your home town can also be a great advantage.


Thanks for reading!

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