Friday Update

A new video is in the works and will be uploaded  at the beginning of next week. I’m thinking on Monday or Tuesday it will be ready. This is a video I promised to do about self weeding laser heat transfer paper. I figured since the first 2 heat transfer videos are so popular and continue to get a lot of views, I should definitely follow through and make this video. It is amazing to see how popular heat transfer videos are.

I guess it is the temptation of being able to produce your own shirts on a whim with a computer that is so appealing. And I admit, it is a lot of fun to make quick heat transfer shirts for friends and family.

On another note there has been a big addition to the website in that there is a totally brand new Articles Archive page in the Printing Articles section. This is where all the newest screen printing articles will be found. The new Article Archive page sports a new format for the articles and is easier to find information with. All existing articles will remain where they are.

So stay tuned for the new video release and go to the Catspit website to check out the Articles Archive page. There are already 3 new screen printing articles posted there.

Thanks for reading!

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