Selling Printed Shirts? In This Economy?

The printed shirt industry is very dynamic and there always seems to be work available. No matter what the state of the economy, there is someone, somewhere who wants or needs printed shirts.

That is not to say that the economy hasn’t taken its toll on the printed shirt market. Customers will be more discriminating in their product choices and orders are much smaller. A customer who normally orders 2 dozen shirts at one time may be ordering only those sizes that are needed at the moment. Someone who normally would print a 4 color on 36 pieces will now look to do a 1 or 2 color on a dozen pieces.

Even those larger more consistent accounts will see some differences in the order they place for tee shirts. Some may disappear altogether. So “never put all of your eggs into one basket”, if you know what I mean. And the demand for novelty shirts drops severely during times like these.

During down economic times it is important to plan for the sporadic and unpredictable orders that will come your way. It is a must to plan for lean times by making sure your business has enough savings to pay the bills even when there are no jobs bringing in the money or the money coming in is slim.

It may not be the best time to start a tee shirt printing business as far as the economy goes. However, it can be done. It just may take longer to get a firm grip on your profitability.

Catspit Productions has definitely been affected by this economy. Sales for shirts on EBay have come to a halt. Custom print orders are not walking in the door as they used to. I am finding it necessary to reach out and find new customers. And the local price wars are pretty cut throat. It gets harder and harder each day to be competitive with local pricing and still make a profit.

As a small screen printer it is most difficult to compete with larger printers who offer a lot more for less in any economy. So it is always a good idea to cut costs in all departments except one…. marketing.

Good luck to all!

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