Which Inks Do You Prefer?

I have often been asked, “which inks do you prefer?”

And to be honest, that is not an easy question to answer. Well… actually that’s not true, most of the time.

As far as inks go, I do prefer Wilflex as a general rule. However, I do not like their Tiger White. In the past I was sold on Triangle Ink’s Phoenix White. Not just because of the name either. It used to be an excellent white ink but consistency problems between batches can be frustrating. The other con for me is that it is shipped from New Jersey.

Ink preference is really based on personal preference. You have to just try out different inks and get a feel for what works best for your application. You may form an opinion about a particular brand but there will always be certain inks that are better than others. The perfect example is how I like Wilflex colors but not their white.

Black ink, is black ink. There are rare occasions where a black ink is not good to use due to separation of its constituents or it is just too thick for some reason. Most black inks tend to be on the thinner side especially after being worked on the screen a bit. But I have found that I am able to easily use most any brand of black ink.

For textile printing, you want to stay away from inks that are too liquid or thin. Inks that run on the screen when lifted or drips off of the ink spatula most likely will soak into the knit of the tee shirt fabric. Textile screen printing works best with inks that tend to sit on top of the shirt fabric. And of course that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t intentionally push this type of ink into the knit either. It is just better to use inks with that tendency.

So for what it is worth, that is my preference.

Thanks for reading!

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