YouTube: My View Counts

I have noticed lately like many YouTube users that some of my view counters on my videos are very, very slow or stopped at times. I see that this has been a problem for many others as well. I have read that this may be caused by various reasons most often attributed to YouTube’s anti-fake view software. Evidently, if someone keeps hitting on your video from the same IP address, it will stop the counter. Some say this happens around 200 sequential views.

I really don’t know what the cause is and it only bothers me in that I like to see people are watching and enjoying my videos. It is very hard to tell if my video just sucks or if the counter is goofed up. I have definitely seen some of my counters stop while I still get comments and ratings. So please remember to rate 5 stars and comment!

A new video will be uploaded later today. It will be about wood & metal frames as well as an introduction to the tension meter. Make sure to check it out…

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