About The Catspit Productions Website & Its Limitations

As you all may have noticed the Catspit website is very simple in design and function. This is because I am using a free online hosting and design service. I do not know HTML and I am not an expert webmaster. So it is the free website design service that gives me the ability to have a web presence.

The service is limited in its ability to offer interactivity to the visitor. It does have some great features and many that I do not know how to use yet. But be patient; as I figure things out, I will add as much content to the website as I can. I would love to add a site search function. Working on that….

The website is intended to provide supplemental information for the YouTube videos. I enjoy sharing my knowledge about screen printing. So the website is a lot of fun to create. But it is also intended to give Catspit Productions an online presence and exposure. It is a place to offer my services as well.

Much of the commercial aspects of the site are intended to educate you as well as promote the business. The first and most important goal is education and I try very hard not to be too solicitous. Just keep in mind that everyone has to make a living one way or another.

Thanks for all the support!

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