AWT American M&M Graphic & Textile Screen Printing Machines

Check out our complete line of AWT American M&M textile and graphic screenprinting equipment. AWT has been around since the beginnings of screen printing time… lol. When I was only 6 years old I met Mike Green of AWT. Today I work with him and his son Bryan to offer some of the only time tested and long lasting screenprinting machines on the market. I sell AWT graphic presses to universities, government department of transportation, and schools that already have 30 year old AccuGlide or SeriGlide vacuum presses. Even the old faithful Cameo is found still working after 40 years. Of course these printing machines need some maintenance but it’s relatively easy compared to other equipment found overseas or in the USA. You can repair and maintain most AWT equipment yourself getting parts online or locally at Grainger. That’s what makes these presses so amazing. They use many common parts you can get yourself to operate. One last thing to mention. Precision. The RotoTex is pinned for easy setup and immediate accuracy. Check it out. Call for details and quotations.

Screenprinting equipment:

Catspit Productions, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona


Setting new standards in old fashioned customer service. Catspit. AWT American M&M. Seriously simple. TM

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