DVD Scam Out Of Control!!

So if you buy DVD’s online you know they have region codes that prevent them from being played in certain countries. That’s all fine and dandy but beware that Amazon is allowing sellers to sell DVD’s in countries where they will not work. Sometimes there is a region code on the listing and other times there is not. Also you may find a listing with no region code specified and then when you contact the seller for a refund, the information suddenly appears. To me this is a major scam on the part of Amazon since an item that does not work in the USA should not be allowed to be sold in the USA. So buyers beware and never order from a seller named MovieMars. They will take your money and run.

So I’ll be sending my useless Evil Dead Trilogy I bought that does not work in the USA to my good friend Mike Wrigley since I know he might enjoy it. I have a tee shirt and a DVD set to send him now and we are just waiting to see if we can pull off a print of the artwork he created for a YouTube video.

But if you buy anything from Amazon you can help support the videos I make on YouTube. Support the production of free YouTube videos by purchasing what you need from Amazon using this link:

Just beware if you’re going to buy any DVD’s or Blue Ray movies….. LOL.

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