Screenprinting T-Shirts: What Is And How To Prevent Fibrillation On Fabrics?

Okay so this one video actually spawned 2 others…. LOL. When you’re on fire, you roll with it. Next video up is one about improving your print resolution through your print stroke since it could have been included in the fibrillation video. But I find making the stand alone videos is best for our audience so they can easily find the topics they need to learn about. Plus it makes for a shorter video 😉 Then I made a quick video about printing on used clothing. Stay tuned for all of these and more coming up free on YouTube!

Here’s another educational video about screenprinting tee shirts and other fabrics. This video discusses fibrillation and how you might prevent it. Fibrillation usually occurs when you wash a printed garment and the underlying fibers of the shirt come through the print. They appear fuzzy and tend to make the print look faded. However, you can see fibrillation occur immediately after printing in some cases where the ink is over worked or maybe the fabric is too soft. Sometimes the ink can be an issue as well. Here we will discuss fibrillation in detail showing an example and demonstrating a few things that may cause it. In doing so we will also teach you how you can prevent it or even fix it in certain situations. If you have ever wondered about the appearance of fibers in your printed ink surface, then this video is a must see. If you can put up with me talking about it for a little bit, you will learn all about the details and nuances of dealing with fibrillation. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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