Electric Pressure Washer Over Heating Valve Problems During Summer?

These days some industrial electric pressure washers that we use for screenprinting T-shirts come with a special overheat feature. This is usually some kind of replaceable valve that will trip when the water gets too hot in the pressure washer pump. Since the water is cooling the pressure washer as well as being air cooled, if you have hot water running into the unit that can cause problems with the overheating safety valve. Here in Phoenix Arizona sometimes the water can come into the building very hot. I have heard some people say they measured it coming into their home and 97°F. This can be a problem for an industrial electric pressure washer. And that’s exactly why it has this overheating safety valve that will trip and keep the unit from seizing. But what do you do if you have hot water running into your pressure washer?

An easy but perhaps expensive solution would be to buy a water chiller that is similar to the type that is used in a water fountain. That will require some professional installation of course. If you’d rather do a do-it-yourself ghetto version, then check out this photograph of a water cooler that I made out of a 5 gallon bucket with some garden hose. This isn’t the most practical solution but since I only need my pressure washer once in a while when I teach screen printing, it works very well for me.


Here is the do it yourself screen printing hack: All you have to do is simply coil a 6 foot garden hose around the inside of a 5 gallon bucket putting it against the wall perimeter. Make sure you curl it into the bucket and out of the bucket in such a way that you can connect it to the pressure washer and the water source keeping most of the length of the hose inside the bucket. You might use a smaller plastic paint bucket or garbage pail to put in the center of the garden hose to help keep it curling up the sides of the bucket. Simply cut the bottom out of that smaller plastic bucket and insert it into the center of the bucket so that the garden hose is between it and the 5 gallon bucket wall. Now all you have to do is fill this pail with ice and some water every time you want to use the pressure washer in the very hot weather conditions. I also inserted a small water fountain pump at the bottom of the bucket so I can pump out the water after the ice melts and everything warms up. That way I can start all over again with an empty bucket each time I need it. Other than having to buy the ice every time you want to use it, it works very well for a ghetto do-it-yourself solution.

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