Screen Printing T-Shirts: How To Pour Emulsion Into Your Scoop Coater

This may seem like an easy thing to do and a topic which needs no attention but the basics are sometimes what scares us most. Am I right? But I wanted to upload another high opacity ink video this week as well so this is a quickie video to allow us to do 2 videos this week. On Thursday I’ll upload another high opacity ink video featuring a different color like red or yellow.

So after getting this question about how to pour emulsion into scoop coaters without making a mess several times I figured it would be easy to show you how I do it. This is a quick tips screen printing video in which I demonstrate how to pour your emulsion into the scoop coater without making a huge mess. I also discuss how to clean up emulsion after coating your screens with emulsion and how to return unused emulsion to the container. Follow along in this fun and light hearted tutorial video about screenprinting tee shirts and other textiles. You can find scoop coaters and emulsion on the Catspit ecommerce store.

Scoop coaters:

Scoop coaters are used for coating screens with emulsion in order to expose the screen to UV light with your film positive to create the stencil. When coating screens manually it is often difficult to achieve a smooth uniform surface with consistent thickness. To ensure complete coverage, filling in all of the mesh openings, you will want to use a multiple pass method with 2 passes being the minimum. Scoop coaters come with a thin, sharp edge and a duller, round edge. The thin, sharp edge will leave less emulsion in the mesh where the round edge will leave more emulsion in the mesh.


We carry emulsions from Saati, RhinoTech and MacDermid Autotype. If you don’t see it here call us to order by phone – 480-899-9089

Don’t forget I offer FREE SHIPPING on screen printing equipment anywhere in the continental US and all crating or boxing fees are included in the pricing! PLUS no sales tax except in California. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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