High Performance Plastisol Textile Screen Printing Inks

Check out this double image of my high opacity plastisol orange ink. The top is a print/flash/print and the bottom is a one hit print or a putty stroke. I did the best to make the light about the same and even though there is some reflectivity, I think you can see the ink is awesome either way you print it. I really love this ink but I’m having a marketing and sales dilemma….. LOL. Read further if you care 😉



So I was introducing this ink as an inexpensive, high performance plastisol ink but the realities of online marketing may force me to take drastic measures even when they seem illogical. The problem is my low pricing and free shipping. I cannot sell a gallon of ink that weighs almost 10 pounds at $40 and pay the shipping for you. HO inks are $60 per gallon. But after a bit of research and analysis I have discovered that free shipping is not always free. One way or the other as an ecommerce customer you will pay shipping fees. With items like a $1500 bracelet obviously it’s easy for the seller to absorb the shipping fee since it could ship by USPS for less than $5. Therefore there are some items where the profit margin is so high the seller can pay the shipping for you. But in most other cases the shipping is built into the price of the product, especially with heavy items like inks and chemicals.

But here’s the stigma with free shipping online; many people don’t do any price comparisons and simply will not buy from anyone charging shipping even if they could save money with the shipping costs factored in. What that means is statistically ecommerce shoppers pay more for an item when it has free shipping and will not buy the same item at a much lower price with shipping fees even when that item costs less with the shipping fees. So If I want to offer free shipping like the bigger suppliers I will need to raise my prices to the same levels they are at.


What could be a money saving economy line of plastisol inks may have to be priced like all the others simply to compete in a free shipping market. It’s sad but true. Try my inks now while they can still save you money even with the shipping fees.

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