High Opacity Plastisol Ink Video Series Coming Along Well

So I have been working on a video series about my high opacity plastisol screen printing inks and I do believe they are coming out nicely. These are mass produced videos since I had to do 6 different colors. So each has a “shell” that is the same and the printing of each color changes for each video. I also decided to do a bonus shot showing the ink printed with a one hit wonder AND a print/flash/print. I wanted to not only show how well the inks work but I wanted to prove you can print the same or more ink volumes without flashing. There is definitely a difference in the finished print surface but the opacity is pretty much the same. So now I have 2 sample shirts in the Phoenix storefront which you can come in and see in person in order to view the quality of my inexpensive plastisol ink line. And you can see in person the wicked amount of ink I can print with these thinner high opacity inks without flashing. Both sample shirts are in the image in this post. Can you tell which is which?


High Opacity Inks 2

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