Screen Printing Tee Shirts: The Ranar Micro Registration Zeroing System

Okay after that bout of food poisoning it took me a week to get back to 100% normal. So here’s a quick screen printing video about the zeroing system on my presses I sell. I’m hoping to cut some squeegee today and then do some test printing for Mike Wrigley’s 3 color halftone art. I was thinking of doing 2 sets of screens at 45LPI and 55LPI to show the difference and make the video a little more interesting. So stay tuned. That will be the next orienting video for sure. I may have a couple of other videos to upload in the meantime while I work on that video.

Here’s an educational screenprinting video about Ranar screen printing presses and the micro registration zeroing system. This is a mechanical, physical system that has no printed marks of any kind on the print head so that you never have to worry about them wearing off. This also helps keep production costs down by physically integrating the zeroing system into the print head micro registration. In this video I show you how it works and what it looks like on the Elite Series II rotary presses. You will learn how easy it is to work with and you don’t need any rulers, tape, pens or anything to zero out our micro registration presses! Unlike other over designed and dumbed down brands, our presses are easy to use, require no special tools and the owner can replace any part on the press without sending the machine back to the factory. There is not a single part adjustment on our presses that you can mess up or cannot fix or replace yourself. The press design is so simple yet so durable I offer a lifetime guarantee for as long as the original purchaser owns the press. That alone speaks more than anything I could say about my belief in the product that I sell and use myself.

Don’t forget I offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental US and all crating or boxing fees are included in the pricing! PLUS no sales tax except in California. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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