Screenprinting Screen Making: Getting Detail & Halftone Exposure Tips

I’m getting ready to do the 1 color poster print video so I thought I would share this with you to help you in your screen making. Of course I noticed a couple of editing issues but you’ll probably miss them. I’m my own worst critic. But the video should be helpful despite my lack of video making skills….. LOL 😉

This educational video is about exposures for screen making when you’re printing tee shirts and other preassembled garments. In this video I use 2 screens of different exposures of a halftone to help explain what more exposure time means versus less exposure time in relation to detail. The camera is really bad at picking up the detail of the halftone on the screens but I think you’ll be able to see the difference in how much dot was rendered between the 2 exposures. On one screen you can barely see the dot and it certainly won’t print well at all. The second screen has much better dot detail and will print the halftone below the 20% gradient range well enough for our purposes. I may be able to fine tune the exposure some more to get the halftone perfect but I liked the look of how this one developed and I really do want a vintage screen printed poster look. That means I don’t necessarily want it to be a technically perfect screen. But you can use not only you’re mesh count to get details in emulsion, but the exposure time can also be critical. That’s what I hope to explain in the video and help you better determine your exposure times for making screens. I think the screen with the least exposure time of the 2 will print fine and look pretty cool in black ink on white poster board.

I used Saati Textile PC Blue emulsion in this video:

I used a Ranar LED exposure unit in this video:

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