Manual Rotary Screen Printing Presses made To Last A Lifetime!

Here’s yet another testimonial photograph of an old Ranar screenprinting press. This unit is between 20 and 30 years old. It’s one of the original designs and it’s actually still upgradeable as this is a Vista series. If the owner so desired he could make it a 6/6. Currently this unit is a 6/1 and works in perfect order. This machine holds registration perfectly with all original parts. Seriously, if you’re looking into buying a manual rotary screen printing press, then please call me. I feature a lifetime guarantee on all of my Ranar presses plus free shipping anywhere in the continental US. Yup. You get free shipping not only on my kits and packages but on an individual press! Now take a look at the press features and you’ll see why this is the right choice for manual equipment. Steel roller bearing indexers, compression springs, secondary off contact adjustments, all tools free operation plus so much more. And the build is meant to last a lifetime.


Don’t forget! My pricing includes any crating fees PLUS free shipping! What you see is what you pay.

Setting new standards in old fashioned customer service. Catspit. Ranar. Seriously simple. TM

Screenprinting equipment and supplies, classes, training, shop rentals:

Catspit Productions, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona

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