Screenprinting Tee Shirts: Basic Introduction To Water Based Vs Plastisol Inks

This is another educational video about the most basic differences between water based and plastisol inks. I have wanted to make this video for a long time but making these videos without scripting can be difficult for me to include everything I want to. Hence, I put video annotations to help add some information to the video throughout. And yes, this video has some plugs for me and my YouTube channel. I apologize that you have to watch a little self-promotion to get to the free information….. LOL 😉

“For screen printing shirts at home, we can say there are two common types of inks used. There are air dry textile inks and plastisol textile inks. For printing posters and paper type flat work, you would use poster ink which is also an air dry ink. Either of the two textile inks may be used for screen printing shirts but the poster ink is used only for flat work and graphics printed on porous or glossy paper materials. The screen printing process for printing shirts and flat work will be very similar. It is the same process in general but there will be differences in materials used, beginning with the ink. Choosing which ink to use at home will ultimately depend on your application, economic limitations, space restrictions and/or your end goals. Many people choose to use water based ink for printing shirts because they have an eco friendly reputation. But there are plastisol inks that are manufactured today which are much more environmentally safe than you would think and comply with many government regulations regarding children.”

Read the complete article here:

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Mixing Color Plastisol Inks: Creating Basic Colors:

The Benefits & Challenges Of Water Based Inks:

Plastisol Ink Mixing & Color Theory:

Common Plastisol Ink Additives:

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General mesh guidelines for plastisol inks:

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Screen Printing Equipment:

See what screen printing supplies we have ready in Phoenix for pick up:

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