Screenprinting Tee Shirts: Left Chest Or Crest Print Curing Tips And More

This is a tips and advice screen printing tutorial video about curing the left chest or crest print on the front of the shirt. This is just another way of dealing with small belt dryers or very large shirts or anytime you are concerned about curing the left chest print. The tips in the video could be applied to any print location that may apply. Follow along as Jonathan shows you how he might put the shirts through the belt dryer in the event he is concerned about curing the crest print or when dealing with XXL or XXXL and larger garments that place the left chest print too far off to the edge of the infrared panel. But there is something you should consider and remember or keep an eye on when doing this especially with poly cotton blend garments. Remember, different weight shirts and different quality dye jobs may react differently. Naturally. The lighter the garments weight, the more likely you can have issues in the oven. Heavier shirts tend to be more stable. Check out the video and enjoy!

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