Check Out The Latest Review On Our Curestar 4000 Infrared Belt Dryer!

“More than an ‘entry level’ dryer.”

“Great for my automatic press!”

The CS4000 is one of my most popular models and with free shipping anywhere in the continental US you really can’t go wrong. This conveyor dryer is heavily built, highly efficient, and a big bang for your buck. Just read the latest review which you can see right on the product page:

“This is the 3rd dryer I buy (The first being from CAPS International and the second from Workhorse). All I can say is that it’s the best so far. Great price and output per hour. Rated at 220 shirts, I know it can do more than that. Other dryers take 45-55 minutes to reach the desired temperature, and the Ranar Curestar 4000 reaches 975 degrees in about 12-15 minutes, and doesn’t heat the shop. Very well insulated. Great for my automatic press. Love it! Worth the buy and great sturdy material. More than an ‘entry level’ dryer. I like the digital temperature display, something other dryers don’t include for similar price. Easy to use display, easy to install, and easy to adjust the belt.” – Enrique

CS4000.jpg … ryer-220v/

Want the same awesomeness with more wattage? … ryer-220v/

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