How To Screen Print T-Shirts: Left Chest Or Crest Print Placement Expanded

Here it is, as requested by you. This is an expanded remake of an earlier video I did about how to print a left chest logo. I tried to get this uploaded last night but I had a minor software issue that prevented it. I also forgot to turn on a few lights for this video…. LOL. It happens.

This educational video is about how to place your left chest print properly. The left chest print is also known as the crest or the over the heart print. The placement of this print location is not critical but there are a few standard placement criteria we can refer to in order to help us get a proper looking crest print. Most screen printers have their own ways of figuring out the print placements for screen printing tee shirts but we do have some industry standards. In this video I discuss those standards which you can use to help figure out where you like to place the left chest print. Just as each shop has its own procedures, each printer will have their own methods and placements. There really is no standard for any of the print locations for screenprinting tee shirts or any other printed garment. That means what looks good to you and your customer is a winner. And remember, the information provided in these videos is from my personal experience. By no means am I saying this is the best way or this is the only way or this is how you have to do it. Rather I’m showing and sharing ways I have seen it done or have done in the past. Enjoy!

This video is an expanded version of the original video I did over 5 years ago. If you’re interested in seeing that video first then follow this link:

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2 Responses to How To Screen Print T-Shirts: Left Chest Or Crest Print Placement Expanded

  1. Thank you for the video and article! I used to do a lot of screen printing in high school, but I’m out of practice and the review was a ton of help as I’m getting ready to help my boss with a marketing blitz. I think I learned a little differently, but everyone has a little bit of a different approach to it like you said. Still super helpful!

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