Cheap Imported Screen Printing Presses?

Yes, they’re cheap. It’s true they offer a lot and promise the world. Sure you can get a lot for your money….. or can you? Does it have magnets to hold up the print head? Is it designed poorly? Is it made well? Do they offer service and parts? Can you see it in person? Will it last? Does it have a lifetime guarantee?

Trust me. If you’re in the Phoenix area or anywhere in the continental US and you’re looking at equipment on Ebay, Craigslist or anywhere else then stop and take a moment to evaluate what you are looking at for what it is.

Yes, my manual rotary screen printing presses will cost you more than cheap imports but they give you more. Simple, reliable designs, heavy duty build and a lifetime guarantee. Free parts for as long as you own it. You cannot go wrong. All steel construction made in the USA by American workers feeding their families.


Some imports are good products of course but when it comes to screen printing equipment you should look at my generous offerings. I even beat out other American made presses with my free shipping and lifetime press guarantee. Only available from Catspit Productions!

Free shipping on all screen printing packages and equipment in the continental US!

Lifetime guarantee on all ‪#‎Ranar‬ presses! Plus built in Discounts on Ranar packages and kits!

Screenprinting equipment and supplies, classes, training, shop rentals:

Catspit Productions, LLC
4219 South 37th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Our hours are: M-F 10AM to 7PM and Saturdays 12PM to 5PM

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