Screen Printing Tee Shirts: How To Price Your Print Work

Okay so I uploaded this late Friday I think and then I was supposed to post about it Saturday but I got a rush in the storefront with about 3 or 4 customers coming in at once or in sequence. It was a busy Saturday! I can understand why since I’m the only screen print supplier open on Saturdays in Phoenix, Arizona. Make sure to watch the entire video for the secret information on pricing…. LOL 😉

There are literally many different ways to try to figure out how to price your screenprinting work. There are equations, spreadsheets, programs, add on software and more. But ultimately it comes down to the “going rate” in your geographical area and what you’re happy making “per hour” in the end. Also remember spreadsheets and software often does not take into consideration the very different labor times involved with different print jobs. So we have to look at each job specifically and see how long it will take to produce. The consumables factoring into this equation should be negligible since we should be using them and managing them properly in how we work. In other words if a $40 gallon of ink is an overhead issue, you’re doing something seriously wrong. Ink and emulsion per shirt should end up being pennies not dollars and a gallon of ink or emulsion will make you thousands of dollars when used properly. Obviously when you first start learning to screen print you will use more consumables than you will once you gain some experience.

Check out this forum link for more details and examples of pricing charts:

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