Screen Printing T-Shirts: Assembling 4 Color, 1 Station Bench Top Press

Alright I finally got some work done around the Phoenix storefront this week. I had a few pieces of equipment to assemble for the showroom so I figured this would be a fun fast motion video for you all. And it could even help people assemble their Ranar press! Maybe…. LOL. But it should make you smile at the very least.

Here’s a fun time lapse video in fast motion that shows me setting up and putting together a RANAR 4 Color Bench Top Press P-405 screen printing press. I had to cut out some of it for time considerations and the part where I realized I started the camera and had no tools. But besides those few edits you can watch me assemble a 4 color, 1 station bench top textile screenprinting press. In real time it took about 45 minutes simply because I am doing other things at the same time. At this point if I get all my ducks in a row before I start I can do this in 30 minutes or less. But…. I have done several of these over the years so I don’t even need the instructions…. LOL. Eventually I will be able to do it blindfolded! So follow along on this fun trip through how I get things ready for display in the Catspit Phoenix area storefront. I sell a few of these units so there’s almost always one in the showroom to see but sometimes I will only have either the 4 color or 2 color version of the same press. Enjoy!

RANAR 4 Color Bench Top Press P-405

See what screen printing supplies we have ready in Phoenix for pick up:

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2 Responses to Screen Printing T-Shirts: Assembling 4 Color, 1 Station Bench Top Press

  1. CastIronDan says:

    I may need to put in an order for some supplies soon! Thanks for all your informative videos… Dan

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