Learn How To Screen Print: Yellow Screen Mesh Vs. White Screen Mesh

So I have over 400 screenprinting videos now and it’s getting to the point that I think I am remaking videos sometimes….LOL. I know I have discussed this in the past but I could not find a video on the topic specifically. So here it is. If this is a duplicate then I apologize…. Haha! I don’t think so though.

This is another screenprinting quick tips video about the different colors of screen mesh. Why is some screen printing mesh dyed yellow? Why is some white? What is the difference and what do you need to know about dyed mesh? This educational screenprinting video answers those questions and more in a short video about the colors of polyester monofilament screen mesh. The difference is in the exposure and this video explains that. Also, yellow mesh may sometimes require a slightly longer exposure time than white mesh, but not always. Since the yellow mesh absorbs light sometimes we may need to increase the exposure times a bit. But that may not always be the case. Since the dyed mesh counts tend to be higher, thinner screen mesh, they hold a lot less emulsion and therefore sometimes can be exposed at the same times as white mesh. That’s something you’ll have to test out in your shop to see. In my shop I run yellow and white mesh at the exact same exposure times. I hope you enjoy the video!

20×24 manual screens:

23×31 automatic screens:

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