Music Video Submission by Taylor W. Wright: Dr. Whiskey: Dead Orbit (Progressive Metal)

For your Friday metal enjoyment! Happy Friday and have a great weekend 🙂

Check it! This is a great example of the wide variety of music videos we are looking for to share on the Catspit Productions YouTube channel. Ideally we want a professionally produced video. But if you have a professionally produced audio track then you can make a video for us. All you need to do is shoot some kind of edited video. Be creative. We want a finished product with HD stereo audio tracks but it does not have to be a professionally produced video. Shoot around where your group practices. Use live performance clips or use your neighborhood. The most critical part is to make sure the audio track is high quality sound that we can enjoy. The video we want is simply to help hold our attention, show off your skills or help tell the story the music may be telling. By no means does it have to be as produced as the first 2 video submissions we received. Those are great videos and we want more like them but this is open to all levels of production as long as you make an effort to edit and produce some video footage to accompany your high quality audio track. The excellent sound is a must. The audio part we want produced as much as you can have it done. But the video portion you can have fun with yourself. I just wanted to make that clear since in the original video it may sound like I want only videos like the first 2 but that’s not really what I meant 😉 I just want you to make an effort to produce a finished video product that we can enjoy. Follow? Ask me about it…..

Want to submit your own music video for upload? Watch this video:

This is an original instrumental progressive metal composition by Taylor William Wright: Dead Orbit.

Stuff used:
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Line 6 POD HD Pro

Camera credit goes to his good friend Jordan Brunette!



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