Screen Printing Training, Education and Classes, Phoenix, AZ

Are you serious about learning how to screen print tee shirts? Have you been looking at all the classes available online? Then take a look at the personal one on one training I offer here in the Catspit Phoenix storefront. These training sessions are called “classes” but they are totally personal and very intimate. You purchase the class and then I call you to schedule your session the next available week. That’s right, it will be you and I for most of the classes and training that I offer.

This is serious training where you will learn real world printing. This is not some marketing class designed to sell you equipment, no. This is real, hardcore training where I teach you from my practical experience as a commercial screen printer with over 25 years’ experience. My goal is to teach you how to screen print textiles.

Check out our classes and training page online and call us for more information.

Screenprinting equipment and supplies, classes, training, shop rentals:

Catspit Productions, LLC
4219 South 37th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Our hours are: M-F 10AM to 7PM and Saturdays 12PM to 5PM

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