Screen Printing Instructional and Educational Videos

I’m working on some artwork for a few fun screen printing videos. I want to do one as a 2 color with soft hand base or reducer as a color and another 2 color on black with maybe white and red or yellow. The idea is to show how simple designs can look very cool utilizing only 2 colors. I’ll be using some clip art I have so I hope I create some cool stuff to work with but I always feel like I wish I had someone else do it. I’m too close to the Catspit logos and it’s hard for me to stray far from them which can be boring…LOL. I think I will also do another video this week answering a question I get a lot about doing a double coat of emulsion on screens in order to increase print opacity. I want to discuss that tactic as opposed to simply using the right set up in the first place. So we have a few video ideas in the works and I hope to have a little fun with screen printing next week. I’m also getting ready to move my home closer to the storefront so I have a lot on my plate this month. Bear with me 😉

Video Lights

Screen printing equipment and supply store:

Catspit Productions, LLC
4219 South 37th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Our hours are: M-F 10AM to 7PM and Saturdays 12PM to 5PM

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