Screenprinting Product Review: Saati Magi Wet Vac Screen Nozzle

Okay, so originally I forgot I had shown you this little device in a previous video. I mention in video that I did not have it on hand the last time I talked about it but I forgot…. LOL. I actually did show it to you and I did demonstrate it a bit in a previous video where we talked about clearing out your stencil after washing out the screen. But I really wanted to feature it alone and I did need a better product video for the ecommerce site hence this revisit of the Saati Magi Vac Nozzle. I love this little device and I’m happy to have it in stock now and in use at the Catspit shop. I used to use low air pressure a lot but this vacuum nozzle will make things much easier while preventing accidental damage to the stencil from excessive air pressure and water soaked emulsion. So this video is a much better look at the product with a more detailed demonstration with close up shots. I hope those of you who did see the video featuring this product previously won’t find it too redundant. It will be a lot of fun to show this item off in the classes and training at the new storefront in Phoenix. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

The Magi Vac Nozzle:

Check out the first time I showed you this item with more tips on this topic of clearing out the stencil:

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