Call For Music Video Submissions: Share Your Talent With Screen Printers

Music Video Submission Rules

We are looking to upload your finished, edited music video to our YouTube channel. If you have the ability to create or already have a polished music video for your group or band you may submit it to use for upload to the Catspit Productions YouTube channel. The video must be a finished product with high quality stereo audio. If you have any questions about what is acceptable, please contact us.

1) You must own all the copyrights to the music, lyrics, and video. All content must be original content and not previously copyrighted by any other musician. Any copyright infringements will be removed from the collection immediately. You may also include your groups contact and/or websites information as this information will be published in the video description on YouTube.

2) The video must be produced and edited. This means you have to shoot a music video and record the audio in a professional way. It does not mean you need to have a professionally produced video but we are looking for finished music video pieces. You and your band can do this yourselves but we are not looking for straight video clips of garage performances or other impromptu performances. However you may use live footage to create a music video with a stereo sound track. Please make sure the audio portion of the video is very high quality stereo sound. Please do not use poor mic to air recordings.

3) You must provide a copyright release in PDF format and a written script of the lyrics along with all musical credits for the creators/artists involved. Copyright documentation is needed prior to upload. No videos will be uploaded without a written PDF copyright permission document. We will allow YouTube to run ads on your music video to help promote the circulation of your music.

4) Not all submissions will be accepted. Your video will be reviewed and may or may not be approved for upload. Submitting a video does not guarantee your video will be used.

5) You must grant Catspit Productions complete copyright release for use of this video on YouTube. We will not use your video anywhere else online however your video will be embedding enabled. That means YouTube will allow a code to embed the video on other websites by anyone online. This allowance will help the circulation and exposure of your video.

6) These rules and requirements may be changed at any time without notice. Ultimately YouTube dictates what we can or cannot do with uploads and intellectual or artistic material.

7) Contact us if you have any questions before you make a video or submit one to us. We prefer MP4 files or Windows Media Audio/Video Files. Stereo recordings are a must and HD video is preferred. Contact me through YouTube for an emails address you can send your video to.

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