Learn Screen Printing: The Sahara Screen Drying Box From Saati

This is a quick video look at the Sahara dry box from Saati. I know I have shown this before but it’s so cool I want one. This is a screen drying rack that is fully enclosed and self-contained. It has heat and ventilation features with controls. This is an awesome dry box that most textile screen printers might not necessarily need but it is fun to look at. This type of dry box would be critical for screen making where we need absolute exactitude and control over the screen and drying emulsion. You might find this type of equipment in industrial graphic printing. In some cases we work in clean room situations and actually measure the stencil for accuracy with special tools. If you’re interested in any Saati products please give me a call. I’m an authorized dealer for Saati and I can help you out with any purchases. I hope you enjoy this peek at such technical and sophisticated screenprinting equipment. http://catspitscreenprintsupply.com/


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