Catspit Productions: Screen Printing Supply Store Phoenix, Arizona

We represent and sell the following brands: Ranar, RhinoTech, Saati, MacDermid AutoType, RiCOMA and we are bringing on new brands and new supplies as we move forward. I welcome you to visit me in my home shop if you need anything I can help with. I’m happy to discuss your needs and help you learn how to screen print tee shirts.

Package 2

Screenprinting bench presses, floor presses, belt dryers, flash cure units, exposure units, heat presses, chemicals, emulsions, inks, screens, squeegee, stretchable frames, scoop coaters, spray bottles, scrubby pads, brushes and bucket sets, inkjet film positives, and more available for pick up or delivery. Free shipping in the US on all Ranar equipment.

NO sales tax on all out of State orders except California!
NO sales tax on all equipment sales in Arizona State!
FREE SHIPPING! On all major equipment purchases in the continental US!
Free technical support with your purchase to help you learn screen printing.
Your purchase satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Lifetime guarantee on Ranar presses when you buy from Catspit!


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