ISS Screenprinting Trade Show: The Saati Automatic Screen Coater

Here is a video from the recent ISS show in long beach, 2014. I decided to go at the last minute but I admit I will be going to fewer shows in the future. They are very costly to do and I need to watch my budget if I want to open a store front for teaching screenprinting. I am thinking about opening a space near my home in Phoenix to expand my offerings locally. Stay tuned for more on that as it happens but in the meantime enjoy this very cool video about an automatic screen scoop coater.

In this educational screen printing video we take a trip over to the ISS trade show in Long Beach, 2014. The trade show is a great place to learn about screen print technologies, machinery, supplies and innovations for the textile and graphic industry. One of the things we like best is being able to show you the automatic equipment that larger, high volume print shops use to get the job done. Here you will see an automatic scoop coater for making screens which allows for very consistent emulsion coating. This is the type of unit that goes well in a large shop with multiple shifts of different people. It makes it possible to have the same coating job done on all screens throughout the work week no matter who is working the machine. It also will coat screens with a high degree of technical accuracy in relation to emulsion over mesh and stencil thickness. Take a moment and visit with one of the guys form Saati as we take a closer look at this high tech screen printing equipment.

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