How To Screen Print: Job Break Down & Cleaning Production Tips

Here’s another new screenprinting video with an actual production view of breaking down the screen and cleaning everything up. In this tutorial screen printing video you get to follow me as I break down a 1 color job and get ready to print another. But this video shows you what I do to clean up, how I work, and it even goes into aside details along the way. It’s a little long but if you want to learn the nuances and get a little private instruction then this video is a must see. I promise you will learn something and enjoy watching 😉

This is an awesome educational screenprinting video tutorial. In this longer production tips video you get to follow along as I break down the press from a previous one color print job. I show you how I take things down and work on press to clean up the screens. Here you will not only get to see me clean a freshly used screen but you will also see what I do when I leaves a screen for too long before cleaning it up. See a clogged stencil be cleared with screen opener. See how press wash and ink was are used differently. Watch as I demonstrate how to clean squeegees and explain why they should not have ink on the handles. Come along on this fantastic voyage through the lessor know regions of screen printing space. See what others don’t show you and learn in detail about the nuances and tricks for printing tee shirts. Jonathan shares it all with you if you take the time to watch and listen.

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