How To Print Artwork & Designs For Tee Shirt Heat Transfers

Here is a video I made due to the frequency of which I am asked about how to print heat transfers. You may think this is a no brainer but there are a few things you should consider especially when using heat transfer papers for use at home. I like to make a few novelty shirts for myself now and then so here are my tips for making heat transfer tee shirts at home.

This is another educational video about creating artwork for making digital heat transfers at home. Standard inkjet or laser heat transfers that do not “self weed” need to be used in a specific way for the best aesthetic results. The heat transfer paper will lay down a polymer adhesive anywhere there is paper contacting the shirt. This is the rectangular ghost or haze most often associated with 8.5×11 inkjet heat transfers. Free standing text and design elements look bad with only the adhesive between them. This video tutorial will teach you how to use the rectangular shape of standard 8.5×11 inkjet or laser T-shirt heat transfers in a way that maximizes the paper and gives you a great look without a ghosting looking haze anywhere. Here you will learn what images work best and what you need to do to print from your home computer to a standard home printer. Follow along and get some tips on using transfer papers made for use at home.

Please do not use any copyrighted image material for anything other than personal home use.

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