How To Screenprint At Home: Printing 3 Colors On 1 Screen

Here is a very cool and fun video that should help out people who screenprint at home. Often time people starting out at home are limited to 1 color bench presses, hinge clamps or just a screen on a table so I thought it would be fun to demonstrate another method similar to the split fountain video I did previously. In this video we take the split fountain ide to a whole new level without mixing any inks on screen while printing.

Here is an educational video about screen printing tee shirts and other items that utilizes a simple technique which will allow you to print 3 different colors at the same time on one screen. This is a very cool home brew that is perfect for do it yourself enthusiasts and home printers limited to 1 color bench presses. You can use this method to step up your game and print more than 1 color using only 1 screen. You can use this process with bench presses, hinge clamps or even a screen on a table. The options on how to do it are unlimited and we encourage you to take the principle demonstrated in this video and experiment with it. You will discover that running 2 or 3 colors on 1 screen is fun and practical even on a multi-color press in certain situations. Use your imagination and push this to the limit! Watch this creatively fun video and find out why our screenprinting videos are the best on YouTube.

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