Halloween Video Costume Contest: Win A Free Screenprinting Startup Kit!

It’s finally here! Happy Halloween 2013 video #costume #contest from Catspit Productions, LLC! This is another domestic contest with a free #screenprinting #startup #kit as the #prize. This is the 1 color Alley Cat press from Catspit and RANAR with all the basic accessories and supplies you’ll need to get started. Watch the official video and get your costume video up as soon as possible so you can get the thumbs up votes that will win you the screen printing kit.

This is a Halloween video costume contest. Contestants are required to dress up in a costume of their choice and say one sentence in character to the camera on a video you will then upload to YouTube and post as a video response to the Catspit contest video. The videos will be ripped and re-uploaded to the Catspit channel so that our viewers may vote on them. The in character costumed person who gets the most thumbs up, wins. Plain and simple. That means you can get your friends and family to help you win by watching your costume video on the Catspit channel and rating thumbs up. The contest will begin September 26th and conclude on Halloween October 31st when I will upload the winner video announcement. You may submit costume videos up to the 30th of October if you like but sooner is better in order to win by votes.

Since YouTube took the video response function away all you need to do is upload it to YouTube and send it to me.

Please click the following link to see all the rules and guidelines:


This contest is available only to contestants within the continental United Sates. The prize will not be exported in any way. All contestants must be residents of the continental portion of the United States of America. No exceptions. This excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and all US provinces.

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